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Bill Spenceley, Program Director

(707) 443-7077 Ext. 804

Where will I live?

Who will I live with?

How will I pay for my home?

What assistance will I need?

Will my home be fully accessible?

Summit Support Services assists with house finding, setting up a household, acquiring furniture, and accessing community resources.

Contact your regional center service coordinator if you have any questions about this type of service.

Circle of Support

Summit Services strives to access available community resources to extend the base of support to meet the needs of our clients. This includes family, friends, businesses, clubs, churches, organizations, private and public agencies. HCAR works closely with Redwood Coast Regional Center in coordinating these community supports.

Support Worker Qualifications

First Aid and CPR Certified
Security Screening
T.B. Skin Test

Support workers who transport must have a safe-operating vehicle, carry auto insurance, and have a clean driving record.

SUPPORTED LIVING SERVICES (SLS) are designed to meet each client's unique needs and desires. Through an in-depth assessment, individual plans are developed that support and maintain more community-based, self-determined lives. The support plans vary widely depending on the abilities of the individual, but always include encouragement and limited training. Areas commonly focused upon being community housing, emotional and social development, nutrition and health awareness, medical appointments and accessing a variety of community resources.

The following concepts are an integral part of the services philosophy:

Person-Centered Planning
Circle of Support
Client-Driven Service

INDEPENDENT LIVING SKILLS/ON-GOING SUPPORT SERVICES (OGS) provides support services to people with developmental disabilities who are transitional or already living in a home of their own. Client services are designed to meet the support needs of the individual. Through this service, HCAR provides assistance with handling mail, managing financial affairs, securing appropriate housing, managing medical treatment and medication, household maintenance and nutritional needs.

Both of these services enable community living options, such as:

Eligibility for these services is determinded by the Redwood Coast Regional Center, based on an Individual Program Plan. If eligible, the individual is referred to HCAR for support services. Following that a support worker is matched with the client, and services begin. The support worker works closely with the support services director and the Regional Center service coordinator to ensure that the individual's support plan is followed.

The Mission Statement of the Summit Support Services is:

"HCAR's support services assists clients in reaching and maintaining their individual potential in all areas of their lives, their homes and in their communities."